Last Day at @Contus – Ramapuram

In general, I am not an emotional or sentimental type but today its kind of mixed feeling.

When we came to our current facility at Ramapuram in Jan 2010 with 19 employees on board and our balance sheet was worse than my 10th Standard report card.
We grew at an unbelievable pace in this office and we made millions. We took this office space as a bare shell and built it brick by brick to our taste. If I can say that our entrepreneurial trip was a roller coaster ride then this office is our train.

I Like this office for lot of reasons. For any business, first 3 – 4 years will be very crucial with lots of ups and downs. Most of the good and rough stuffs for us happened here. Its very important for start-ups to stay lean and still manage to grow. We got that cushion with this facility.

People see a lot of cons with this facility like the looks, parking issues etc but I see lot of pros like transportation, restaurants and the location is far more better than the places we have seen for leasing at OMR.

In spite of moving to bigger and better infrastructure, am not sure whether any of our future offices will be as special as this one.

I will certainly miss my walks to this office from my residence and lot more.

Cheers :)

Work Life Balance – What is it?

Let me start with a little bit of bragging… I started interviewing people when I was 24 and I would have done 2000+ interviews in my career. Being a person who have attended numerous interviews in my early days, I think, its a privilege to screen people for a job opening and again having been insulted in numerous interviews, I really feel its important to treat the candidates very well and ask sensible questions to judge their skills and will never act too smart.

Okay, am coming to the point….

Contus is in recruiting spree… Walk-ins, referrals, talent acquisition campaigns, blah , blah, blah. And, I ask the very most basic questions to candidates.

Candidate’s Exp : 1 – 3 yrs of relevant exp.

Me: Reason for changing your current job?

Candidates Answers : No work life balance (or something related to work load or something like that)

Its happening more frequently these days, I got used to answers like remuneration, exposure etc but, work life balance for someone who just started his career. Its weird (for me atleast).

I guess, its purely our IT industry’s fault. In the name employee retention and other pampering programs. We guided the youngsters towards the wrong direction.

I am for Work life Balance and I don’t have second thoughts about it. You have to work hard to provide good things to your life and for a good life one has to work hard. But I think, nowadays.. lots of people are seeing it as Work “versus” Life , which is not a good sign for our industry.

Believe it or not, we are already loosing loads of jobs to China, Latin America and other SE Asian countries. Even our own big names are moving to other locations big time. The only reason India was preferred IT destination 10 years back cause of cost advantage and one single resource can do two people’s jobs of an average westerner. And We are loosing that edge very very quickly.

I guess, we have to wait for another 5 years to get the exact results and our industry needs a huge attitude shifts.


The bowling, The batting and The betting

There you go… Yet another nation’s biggest news. few players found to be involved in betting / spot fixing.

I exactly know why the national media is so much involved with this spot fixing issue. I could not see any other national issues getting covered because there is no TRP coming alone with it.

Its a sad state of this county, media being biased. I am avid cricket fan. I really don’t care about why IPL matches are getting fixed. after all its a club cricket. somebody watching and somebody making money out of it.

Where comes the national shame here?… as far a citizen of India / Chennai. There are 101 issues that are taking a big toll on our lives but they don’t care. I mean the national / state media channels. They are the most selfish set of people in our country. The Media will never cover the following which more pressing than Sreeshanth and Srini.

– They don’t care of Chennai airport mal-function.
– They don’t care about our national grid issues which putting so many people / families life in a bad shape.
– They don’t care about Yasin Malik is in TN supporting Seeman.
– All the water resources are getting dried we are heading into a drought.
– Why Sriram Manoharn’s street is not laid for 5+ years and still unable to reach his home easily.(its true but kidding, who cares about my street)
– My fingers are paining…

I am really loosing 100% of faith in national and state media. they are turning out to be bad guys than politicians.

God Save India… we are going through the bad times of our country. Worse than before independence.

Looking for a cheap ticket to Hong Kong.

no cheers….

Hyderabad Blast….for whom we should feel sorry for?

Twin Blasts in Hyderabad on 21-Feb-2013 claims 15 innocent lives and 100+ injured. Its a very bad news for anybody in our country. Its even more sadder because these blasts happen once a year like diwali. Though I can’t seriously understand what these cowards (a) ASS Ho*** (a) Mother Fu**ers (so called terrorists) are actually trying to gain from these acts… If they think this is an action of revenge “Sorry Enemies… Go fU*K yourselves”.

This is how all thehyderabad-blast-480x238 stake holders of our country will react:

Leaders & Politician : Instead of drilling the intelligence agencies of our country, they will considers this as a great photo ops and will make the best out of this for vote bank political strategies, will spend next few days bitching and blaming without any shame. Probably arrest few people for their FB or twitter comments to divert the whole mood.

Media: A great opportunity to gain TRPs, will confuse the locals and common people with unnecessary assumptions and AVs. Reporters will look so serious and so sad but never forgets to take a commercial break.

Common People like me: A fantastic break from the routine TV schedules and cricket matches. We will talk about this until the next breaking news.

I feel very sorry for two sets of people

# 1 – the victims: It could have happened to any body. Its really unfortunate to be there at that point in time. I don’t know on what scale the govt has decided INR 6 lakhs as compensation for the victims but they should at-least get that without going through the agony of our useless processes and procedures.

# 2 – Our innocent Muslim brother and sisters: In the name of inquiry, lots of our Muslim brothers and sisters will be facing unnecessary accusations without any proof. Govt agencies has to give something to their bosses and media. They will do anything to put the flame down. Local and national Muslim communities will go thorough another rough patch and it will be bad and sad for them.

End of all, I say to all the so called terrorists “You may have created pain but can never terrorize Indians because you guys are not our type”

God Bless India…

Good to Great… thinking aloud

Well, this is just one of those random blogs that I do to vent my thoughts and come back to see it when I need it…

Coming to this topic, I am just thinking probably 1 out of 1000 people will be very very good and 1 out of million will be great at what they do. The gap is huge. What is needed? What is the formula to be great ? .

I have read few things about it but nothing makes sense. here is my gap analysis to move from being good to getting great.
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Why I support Kudankulam NPP?

Kudankulam an unknown fishermen village of TN has found a huge space in all kind of medias across the world in the last six months. The Anti-KNPP team was very effective in the PR strategies, I can appreciate them only for that part of the protest. The project actually started in 1997 and I cant understand what these folks where doing for 15 years.
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About My 2011!!!

Nope, Am not going to do a detailed listing on my highs and lows of my 2011… I wanted to record a clear and straight forward statement… 2011 was an average year for me both professionally and personally…

Though there wasn’t any big issues like I had in 2010 (2010 was the best), If I compare my situation between Jan 1 2011 and Jan 31 2011, It is more or less the same stuffs.
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We are one of the top 12 eCommerce Start Ups in India

Am really delighted and proud to let you all know that our latest product Mob eCommerce ( has fetched Award Of Excellence at the Your Story – ESparks 2011 Conference held on 17th Dec 2011 in Bangalore.

ESparks 2011 is the India’s largest showcase of eCommerce Start Ups, As per the official data, there was 227 eCommerce start ups from all over India participated and we came on the top 12 hottest eCommerce start ups in the country for the year 2011. The winners were chosen by the Sequoia Capital, the most respected PE Funding firm in the globe, Microsoft and many other respected people in the eCommerce business.
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We miss you Vinosha!!!

Hello All : I just want to let everyone know that Contus is at huge loss today… in fact the worst loss we have ever faced since we started up…

Loss == “Vinosha is no more”

I still remember the scene when I interviewed Vinosha 3 years back for a Job as a “Trainee Web Designer”… The person (Vinosha) whom I interviewed was not an expert in Photoshop or flash or HTML or CSS… But we hired her, reason is “Fantastic Attitude”. She really wanted the job and we really wanted a person with great attitude to support our start up, So she joined Contus for Rs 1500/month as salary, yes 1500 rupees. Today, she had become one of the great asserts of our team and also a fantastic leader.
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Back Benchers – Its just my thought

“The best brains of the nation may be found on the LAST BENCHES of the classroom ” -APJ Abdul Kalam

I like this saying from our Ex-President… coz I have always been on the back bench. OK..Ok..I know what you are thinking right now. I am not trying to claim that I have the best brain in the nation.
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